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Gitfos electronic digital photo frame

By sharonFoley February 22, 2022

How many photos have you taken on your phone? And how many of those do you actually view every now and then? We don’t just mean any old photos, like the kind you snap on a tired Monday morning on your way to work and post to Instagram with the caption: “Wake me up when it's Friday.” We mean memorable photos, valuable photos—from vacations, reunions, anniversaries, holidays, and long weekends.

Obviously, you’ve shared some of these photos on social media so your friends and family could reflect, maybe feel a little teary. But most of the time, these indelible snapshots of your life are inhabiting the storage space in your phone rent-free when you could be putting them to use. How about a digital picture frame so you can display them at home?

A digital picture frame is a high-tech display screen that exhibits the photos you upload via Internet connection or memory cards. Instead of printing and framing thousands of photos, or posting each of them on Facebook, you get to keep all of your fond memories close in a single frame that will rotate through your digital gallery and remind you of your good old days. Hang it on the wall, place it on your shelf, or put it on your nightstand. You could even gift one to your folks, and send your latest memories straight to them so they stay updated on your life.

We’ve rounded up some of the best digital picture frame models for your review, available in an array of styles and with various features, like speakers, calendars, clocks, and video-playing abilities. Time to reminisce.

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