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How to create a new customized label size?

By sharonFoley May 30, 2022

 Run the automatic label identification on the printer.

1. Load no less than 8 consecutive papers into the printer(When you load paper, please pull the paper out a little bit in front of the printer).

2. After the paper stop moving, press and hold FEED (red/green light), and when you hear a beep, release the feed.

3. The printer will learn the size of the paper at this time. After the process is complete, the printer is back to normal.


 Please confirm the size of the paper.

 Set the size of the paper on the computer. Please make sure that the size setting on the computer (Mac and Windows) is the same as the paper.


For Mac

Set your custom label size

❶ In your print preview page, click on "Other".



❷ Click on "Manage Custom Sizes".



❸ Enter your paper size and margins on the next window and click OK. You can rename your new label size by double-clicking on the highlighted item on the left.



❹ Select the size(the size of the paper) you added, and select "Scale to fit"





For Windows

Set your custom label size

1. Please enter the setting interface:

Control Pannel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printer -> Click 'GFLP801'-> Print server properties -> Forms -> Create a new form .


Note: Please follow the order of numbers in the picture below to set



❷ Gitfos recommends that you use Google Chrome to open PDF files. Select the size(the same size as the paper) you added, and select "fit to printable area"



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