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How do I set label size to print on "Shippo"?

By sharonFoley June 01, 2022

To print labels that are compatible with thermal label printers, 4x6 format, navigate to the Labels
tab ( by clicking on "Settings" and then "Labels". Find the "Default
Label Format" drop-down menu and select "4x6 in PDF", then click to select and save.
Once you've changed this setting, your labels will print in the correct format for your thermal label
printer. Keep in mind that when you change this format, it will only apply to new labels, created
after you make the change. Shippo doesn't convert the formats of existing labels. Please note that
international UPS labels cannot be created in 4x6 in format because of the attached commercial
invoices (for all other carriers, commercial invoices are created separately in Shippo).



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