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How do I set label size to print on “”?

By sharonFoley June 01, 2022

This software allows printers to print 4 x 6 format labels at higher speeds and with greater efficiency. website, on the other hand, has more limitations.
They connect to and print your label in 4 x 6 format using your negotiated rates for your
shipments. They are online, user-friendly, and you can set them up in just a few minutes.
If you definitely want to ship from directly, then there are two ways to print from
1) One of our customers has created a software to make this process easy:
2) Install Label Printer as a UPS Thermal Printer. Please note Thermal Printers only
print to 4x8 (not 4x6) label sizes, so you must ensure that you have the correct label. This size
limitation does not exist with UPS WorldShip or Commercial Solutions as discussed above. To
install the UPS Thermal Printer, please follow 
this guide from UPS
( and install
Label Printer as the UPS Thermal 2844 printer.


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