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How to use the ‘Xodo’ to crop the shipping label on Android cellphone?

By sharonFoley June 07, 2022

If you want to crop your shipping label. we advise you can use the "Xodo" APP Download from Google Play.

First, Open the "Xodo" APP.


->Open the PDF file that needs to be cropped.


->Click on the "three dots" in the upper right corner and select "View mode".



->Click "Double Pages", then click "Crop Pages", then select "Manually crop pages".


    ->Swipe the screen and Select Crop zone. and step by step select 1/2-2/2 page-> Crop



    -> Click the three dots in the upper right corner, then click "Save a Copy"-> Permanently cropped copy.


     (Notes. Must choose "Permanently cropped copy",otherwise invalid)


    ->Select your files.->Rename your new Cropped files.


    ->Click OK. 

    -> open "Print Label" App to select the new crop pdf file-> print.

    (Please refer How to Print "PDF File" on iPhone/Android phone?)

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