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Make life full of love - Gitfos digital photo frame

By sharonFoley March 01, 2022

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Digital Photo Frames allow you to easily add images, including beautiful travel photos and family photos, to your frame from anywhere. Whether you're giving a frame as a gift and planning to upload your photos remotely, or just want to make a great frame for yourself, the Gitfos digital frame is the best frame we've ever used. Its 10-inch display is crisp, bright, and vivid, and it was the easiest setup in our tests. Most importantly, it has a good-looking design.

What we look for:
-Easy to use
We've opted for digital photo frames to make uploading photos and viewing frames simple and intuitive.

-Minimal mailbox
We prefer a 4:3 ratio frame, which is the ideal size for most photos, and the smallest postbox (the black bar on the side of the photo).

- Feels like a frame
We searched for borders that resembled a real photo frame, not a propped shiny tablet.

-Screen Resolution
We look for frames with a minimum 1080p display and test resolutions up to 2K or 2048p.

Of all the frames we've tried, the Gitfos digital frame comes closest to mimicking a normal frame. Gitfos is easy to set up and use, and loading photos remotely is a breeze (the free Frameo app is available for Android and iOS phones). With this framework, it's easy to add photos on the app or via the web uploader. From the app's intuitive design to the framework's streamlined interface, Gitfos isn't just for the tech-savvy.

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