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The Most Powerful Bluetooth Thermal Printer - Gitfos GFLP801

By sharonFoley March 01, 2022

What is the best bluetooth thermal printer?

The best Bluetooth thermal printers are reliable and durable, have strong Bluetooth connectivity, and produce crisp and high-quality prints. Portability would also be an added advantage. Bluetooth printers that you can easily carry are more versatile.

What's special about printers is that they work wirelessly. With these products in your home, office or pocket, you can print receipts, labels or photos without having to figure out the cable connections. They will also help reduce cable clutter in your home or work area.

Some Bluetooth thermal printers are primarily used for photo printing, while others are designed to print receipts and shipping labels.

The Gitfos GFLP801 printer is a high-speed Bluetooth thermal label printer with additional flexible connectivity capabilities. You can use this printer to create quick and cost-effective labels and receipts. You can print approximately 86 standard size address labels in one minute with this printer. It prints at 302030 dpi.

Being a thermal printer, the Gitfos GFLP80 uses no ink, ribbon or toner. So you only need to replace the paper roll for your printing application. However, the manufacturer recommends that you should only use genuine Gitfos labels.

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