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Set up Gitfos AM-243-BT for First Use.

By sharonFoley June 15, 2022

1. Check if the product inside the package is complete.

If contents are missing or damaged, please contact us

  1. AM-243-BT Printer

  2. USB Cable

  3. Adapter

  4. Power Cord

  5. Quick tips sticker.

  6. Labels

  7. User Manual



     2.Important Tip: Please watch the Getting Started Video on the USB Driver for a fast and easy setup.

      3. Follow the sequence of the above picture to operate       


      Install the printer driver

      Windows Driver:Download

      Mac Driver:Download

      Linux Centos 7.0:Download

      Ubuntu 12.04 above system: Download

      Chromebook: Download


      4. Print a sample label

      Sample label: Download


      Please watch the short video below to see how

      1. Mac Driver  Install 

      2.  Windows Driver Install 


      3. Linux Driver Install 



      Tips for Preparation:

      1.  Avoid using poor quality labels as they may damage the printer.

      2.  Clean the printer head regularly.(please refer How to maintain the print head?)

      3.  Connect the Printer to the same USB port on your computer every time. This can avoid creating duplicate copies on the printer.

      4.  If paper is jammed, please refer to "Printer head Cleaning Steps" in "Maintenance".


       Safety Notices:

      1.  Do not bend the power cord excessively or place objects on the cord.

      2.  Keep the printer out of reach of children.

      3.  Use only approved accessories and do not try to disassemble or repair the unit by yourself.

      4.  Keep the printer away from water or other objects that could penetrate the components.

      5.  Unplug the printer when it is not in use for long periods.

      6.  Do not use the printer if you find any irregularities as these could result in fire or electrocution.

      7.  Do not touch the printer head.  The printer head can be over-heated after printing.



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