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Share your memories with our favorite digital photo frames

By sharonFoley March 15, 2022

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Get your photos off your phone and show them off in front of your friends and family with these connected displays.

Most of us have hundreds or even thousands of photos that are just sitting on our phones and computers, and we rarely revisit them in a refined way. There is so much to print and frame, and there will be more. That's why I love digital photo frames. Don't be afraid of them! They no longer look pixelated and tacky, and at their best blend in with their surroundings.

I first fell in love with digital photo frames after trying out a digital photo frame from a company called Gitfos. They're nice to have around the house, and they make great gifts too. You can set them up for others and push your latest vacation photos directly to them, so your family or grandparents can stay updated. They do require a Wi-Fi connection, but if that's okay, I have a couple of suggestions. These are the best digital photo frames.

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