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Technology changes life-Gitfos thermal printer

By sharonFoley March 03, 2022

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If you need to print 4 x 6-inch shipping labels for your home or small business, it's best to connect your PC to a label printer via USB, and the $119 Gitfos thermal printer is the way to go. It can handle other sizes of labels too, but you'll have to buy them elsewhere as Gitfos only sells 4x6 labels. It runs smoothly via USB. It's worth a look, as long as your needs exactly match the capabilities of the printer.

Overall performance in my tests was only moderately fast if I used a USB connection. Gitfos rates printers at 180mm per second. Using Acrobat Reader to print labels from a PDF file, I set the time to 3.1 seconds for a single label, 15.4 seconds for 10 labels, 1 minute 9 seconds for 50 labels, and 4.3ips for running 50 labels.

As a new technology company, Gitfos has the best service attitude and the best quality technology, so I choose it among all the printers.

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