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The best life display window--Gitfos electronic photo frame

By sharonFoley March 02, 2022

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Display your favorite photos with digital photo frames. This is a self-contained LCD screen that displays digital photos from multiple sources. Unlike regular photo frames, this electronic device can display multiple photos in a slideshow. Browse through Staples' extensive range of camera and display electronics to find photo frames for nightstands, desks and coffee tables.

Consider Display Features When Picking a Digital Photo Frame
Electronic photo frames vary in size from small keychain units to large wall-mounted units. The usual size to put on the table varies from 7 inches to 20 inches. Models with larger screens display larger pictures that are easier to see from across the room. The recommended screen resolution increases with size. When choosing a 7-inch frame, look for a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels, 800 x 480 pixels, or 800 x 600 pixels. Higher resolutions make images sharper on larger digital photo frames.

The aspect ratio of the screen also contributes to the way the digital photo frame displays the image. The most common aspect ratios are 4:3 for standard full screen and 16:9 for widescreen units. Most digital cameras capture images in a 4:3 aspect ratio. However, users who primarily use smartphone cameras to capture landscape and panorama images may opt for devices with a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Some models allow the user to adjust the brightness, contrast and fit of the displayed image. These ensure that images don't appear blurred, cropped, and overstretched.

Check storage and connection options when comparing digital photo frames
Most of these devices have built-in storage so users can transfer images to their internal flash memory. Copying photos to these frames requires connecting them to a computer via USB or sending them wirelessly via Bluetooth on a supported device. Some models have a memory card slot that can display images stored on an expandable memory card. Look for a device with an HDMI output to connect it to your HDTV and display your photos on a bigger screen.

Moving photos to the inside of the frame or to expandable storage can be inconvenient for users with large image libraries and those who want to display new photos on a regular basis. Internet-connected digital photo frames make image transfer easier and less involved. Some models accept photos sent via email, while others can download them from online sources through photo-sharing sites such as Flickr and Picasa. Units with social media integration can also pull photos from the user's social media accounts.

Is there a battery powered digital photo frame?
These have built-in rechargeable batteries. Battery powered models offer more flexibility than plug-in units. You can move it and place it anywhere in your home or office. To charge its battery, plug it into a wall outlet. Select frames have motion sensors to help save power. They turn off when they detect no movement and turn back on when someone enters the room.

Can you watch videos on a digital photo frame?
Some models have built-in music and video players. These also usually have HD displays and built-in speakers.

Does the digital photo frame support all image formats?
These devices usually only support popular image formats. Be sure to note the supported image formats before ordering. Also check for video format support when purchasing a device with video playback capabilities.

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