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Why do the Labels are not printing centered using the printer?

By sharonFoley May 30, 2022

When you print an image that is not in the middle of the sticker, if it is not missing a large area but only a few millimeters distance difference, please follow the steps below to correct the offset.
For Mac:
Choose “Printer Features”->” Page Option”, please adjust the vertical and horizontal offset value according to the printing situation.

In order to avoid the need to re-select every time you print, you
can save the settings in the "Presets".

For Windows:
You can do this by entering:
Settings -> Devices -> Printers and Scanners -> Click on 'Gitfos GFLP801' -> Manager -> Printing Preferences -> Page Setup

Please adjust the vertical and horizontal offset according to the printing situation Then click the “Apply” to save the offset settings.

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