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Why does my Mac display the printer status as Offline?

By sharonFoley May 30, 2022

1)If your Mac shows Gitfos GFLP801/AM-243-BT States "Offline" or not display in“Printers&Scanners”, it means that Mac did not recognize the printer.

  • Please try to unplug and plug the USB cable the Mac computer side and the printer side.

  • Then restart the printer(power off then on).

2)If it is still not displayed in “Printers&Scanners”, we need to check the USB connection.

  • Connect the flash drive by using the USB adapter and check whether the computer can read the data.

  • Unplug the flash drive and replace it with the USB cable of the printer. normally, if the flash drive can be read on the Mac, that USB adapter can provide a stable data connection for the printer.

3)If it is still not displayed in “Printers&Scanners”, please contact our after-sales service.


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