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Why is the red light blinking on the printer?

By sharonFoley May 30, 2022

There are three situations:

1.The red light turns on and off 4 times at an interval of 2 seconds, and the buzzer beeps at the same time.-Your printer is not loaded with label paper(The solution is that the light will turn green when the label paper is loaded into the printer.)

2. Red light turns on and off twice in 3 seconds interval-Your printer does not identify the size of the paper.There are three manifestations.

3.The label does not feed properly. There may be some abnormal noise at the situation.
A:After the printer successfully prints a label, it outputs a few blank sheets of paper and cannot print continuously, and then the printer appears red.

B:The printer only prints a small part of the text and the paper is jammed, and then the printer shows a red light.

C:Check whether the label paper is contaminated or damaged.Reload paper. And Check whether the sensor is blocked by foreign matter or dust. 

Solutions for the above two situations:
①Load no less than 4 consecutive sheets of paper into the printer
②After the paper stop moving, press and hold FEED (red/green light), and when you hear a beep, release the feed.
③The printer will learn the size of the paper at this time, and the top of the printer will light up in green when it stops. After the process is complete, the printer is back to normal.

If the issue has not been solved , you can wipe the print head with alcohol wipes or wet tissues.  please refer How to maintain the print head?


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