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Why is the printer printing blank labels?

By sharonFoley May 30, 2022

1.The most common reason is that the labels were loaded upside down. Please ensure your labels are properly loaded, the tearable side up.

2.Ensure your labels are "Direct Thermal" labels, The paper enclosed in the package meets this condition.

3.If the above are correct, but the printer still print blank labels or the label cannot be prints completely printed.
Please print the self-test page:

A.When the printer is in normal state, turn off' the power switch first, Press and hold the paper feed button.

B.turm on the power switch again,wait for about I to 2 seconds,until the buzzer will beep.

C. At this time, release the button and the printer will automatically print the self-check list.

The printer will print a self-test page. If the issue has not been solved , please contact us

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